July 26, 2020

Trinity Baptist Church

219 West Denison,

Bonham, Texas 75418


Glorifying God, Making Disciples, Spreading the Gospel

July 26, 2020


Sunday Morning



Prelude                                                               Robbie Atkins


Welcome                                                            Henry Shelton


Worship                                                               Darrin Jones


203–His Name Is Wonderful

344-Jesus Loves Me

595-Send The Light

Offertory Hymn              2-Holy, Holy, Holy


Scripture And Offertory Prayer                               


Offertory                                                             Robbie Atkins


Special Music             “Long Black Train”            Darrin Jones

Sermon                                                              Henry Shelton


The Realities

Glorifying God

Exodus 20:1-17


Invitation                 318-The Nail Scarred Hand         

Closing Prayer                                                                         


Sunday Evening

Prelude                                                               Robbie Atkins


Bible Study                                                       Henry Shelton


Strength For The Lonely


We are glad you join us to worship the Lord today whether it is in person or online.

Aug. 2—Nominating Committee Meeting, Sunday at 5 p.m.

Aug. 4—Deacons Meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Aug. 9—Business Meeting after Sunday Evening Service

Aug. 30—Lord’s Supper Service in the 11 a.m. Sunday Service

Aug. 30—5th Sunday Movie Night at 5 p.m. “I Still Believe”


**Services are available online at www.facebook.com/tbcservices and on DVD.

**Tithes can be mailed in, dropped off, picked up or placed in the offering plate.

**Prayer requests can be placed in the offering plate, prayer box, called in or e-mailed to: trinitybaptist@cableone.net


**Pray for your church.

Service Schedule:

Sunday School: 9:45 AM

Sunday Morning Worship: 11 AM

Sunday Evening Worship: 6 PM

Wednesday Prayer/Bible Study: 6 PM

Sunday Morning


The Realities

Glorifying God

Exodus 20:1-17

-->We glorify God By

I.     Loving God—Ex. 20:1-11

*We display our love for God by—

       A. Worshipping only Him—vs 1-4

       B.  Honoring His name—vs 7

       C.  Giving Him first place in our lives—vs 8-11


II.    Loving Others—Ex. 20:12-17

* We display our love for others by—

        A. Honoring them—vs 12-15

        B. Being mindful of our words—vs 16

        C. Rejoicing with others over their successes—vs 17


Sunday Evening


Strength For The Lonely

-->In Battling With Loneliness—

I.    Cry Out To God—Ps. 142


      A. The Lord cares—vs 1-3

      B. The Lord hears—vs 4-6

      C. The Lord will rescue—vs 7


II.   Reach Out To Others—2 Tim. 4:9-18


III.  Remember God’s Promises

        A. God is our refuge and strength—Ps. 46:1-2

        B. God will never leave us—Deut. 31:8

        C. God loves us—Jer. 31:3