June 21, 2020

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Trinity Baptist Church 

219 W. Denison

Bonham, Tx 75418

Ph. 903-583-3388

Glorifying God, Making Disciples, Spreading The Gospel

Morning Worship

Welcome                                                      Bro. Henry


Worship                                                              Garrett

Contemporary Songs

Good Good Father

Reckless Love


Scripture                                                              Garrett


 504 “God Give Us Christian Homes"

352 “Faith of Our Fathers"

 604 “Come All Christians Be Committed”


Message                                                       Bro. Henry

The Call God Has For All Men

Acts 20:17-27

Invitation   280 “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross”


Closing & Prayer


Evening Worship

Welcome                                                      Bro. Henry


Worship                                                              Garrett



615 “To the Work"

386 “The Family of God"

545 “Love is the Theme”


Message                                                       Bro. Henry

Stress Fractures

Loving The Unlovable


Closing & Prayer


We are glad you join us to worship the Lord today.

Service Schedule:

Sunday School: 9:45 AM

Sunday Morning Worship: 11 AM

Sunday Evening Worship: 6 PM

Wednesday Prayer/Bible Study: 6 PM

*All services are available online at www.facebook.com/tbcservices and on CD/DVD by request

**Tithes can be mailed in, dropped off at the church office or picked up by request.

***Prayer requests can be called in or e-mailed to: trinitybaptist@cableone.net


Thought of the Week

"Don’t tell God how big your storm is; Tell the storm how big your God is." -Unknown

Sermon Notes

Sunday Morning

The Call God Has For All Men

Acts 20:17-27

-->God Is Calling Men To—

I. Be His Servants—Acts 20:17-19

** Facts Concerning God’s Servants

   A. God’s servants serve wholeheartedly—Matt. 6:24

   B.  God’s servants serve with humility—Phil. 2:1-3

   C.  God’s servants serve with tears


II. Be Bold In Their Witness—Acts 20:20-21

**Accomplished by—

     A. Being a helpful witness

     B. Being a public witness

     C. Being a daily witness—Rom. 1:16


III. Be Men Of Integrity—Acts 20:25-27

**Men of integrity—

      A. Acts in a way that is pleasing to the Lord—Prov. 16:7


      B. Are true to their word—Col. 3:9-10


Sunday Night



Loving The Unlovable




--> Loving The Unlovable Requires—

   I. Praying for them—Matt. 5:43-48


      A.   We are the children of God—vs 43-45

      B. The actions of our Father—vs 45

       C. We desire to be like our Father—vs 46-48


II.  Blessing Them—Lk. 6:27-31

     **Blessing the unlovable involves—

       A. Doing good to them—vs 27-29

       B.   Doing the opposite of what they are doing—vs 30

       C. Treating them the way you want to be treated—vs 31


III. Forgiving Them--Eph. 4:31-32


       A. Removing anything that keeps us from being able to forgive—vs 31

       B.Showing kindness and compassion—vs 32

       C.  Following the example of Jesus Christ—vs 32